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Our Core Veterinary Services

Northwest Veterinary Clinic of Mount Vernon has all the veterinary services you need to keep your pet healthy and happy, from checkups and routine vaccinations to dental care, internal medicine, and veterinary chiropractic services.

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Vaccinations & Prevention

Protect your dog or cat against a range of serious conditions with routine vaccinations and parasite prevention from out Mount Vernon vets.

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Routine Exams

Make prevention a priority when it comes to your pet's health with regular checkups to monitor health and spot the earliest signs of developing conditions.

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Internal Medicine

Our vets provide diagnosis and treatments for a range of internal conditions, disorders, or diseases in pets from heart disease to autoimmune disorders.

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Dental Care

Bring your pet in for complete dental care, from cleanings to surgeries - like taking your dog or cat to their very own dentist.

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Preserve your senior dog or cat's good health and pain-free mobility with regular physical examinations and proactive treatments.

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Surgical Services

Elective and medical-surgical procedures to maintain or restore your pet's good health, including mass removal and spay & neuter procedures.

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Chiropractic Care

Veterinary chiropractic treatments help relieve chronic pain and the discomfort of joint and nervous system issues in cats and dogs.

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Imaging & Diagnostics

Diagnostic tests and tools at our state-of-the-art in-house lab allow our vets to quickly and accurately diagnose your pet's medical conditions.

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  • Chiropractic Care

    At Northwest Veterinary Clinic of Mount Vernon our team offers therapeutic chiropractic treatments to help relieve chronic pain and the discomfort of joint and nervous system issues in dogs. Book An Appointment What is animal chiropractic care? In recent years demand for spinal manipulation for animals has beg...
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  • Pet Vaccinations & Parasite Prevention

    Routine pet vaccinations and parasite prevention administered by our Mount Vernon vets help protect your pet from a range of highly contagious and serious conditions that could negatively impact your pet's long-term health and longevity. Book An Appointment Cat & Dog Vaccina...
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  • Cat & Dog Wellness Exams

    Routine exams with our Mount Vernon vets focus on preventive care tailored to the needs of your cat or dog. These checkups allow your vet to monitor your pet's overall health and spot the earliest signs of developing issues so that treatment can begin early when it's most effective. Book An Appointment  ...
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  • Veterinary Internal Medicine

    Our Mount Vernon vets provide diagnosis and treatment for a range of internal medicine conditions found in cats and dogs, from gastrointestinal issues to urinary disorders and heart disease. Book An Appointment Diagnosis & Treatment of Internal Conditions Veterinary intern...
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  • Veterinary Dentistry & Dental Surgery

    Pet dental care is an essential yet often neglected aspect of caring for our animal companions' overall health. Our vets at Northwest Veterinary Clinic of Mount Vernon provide preventive and restorative dental health care and surgery for cats and dogs in Mount Vernon and beyond. Book An Appointment Compr...
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  • Geriatric Care for Pets

    Our Mount Vernon veterinarians take pride in providing senior pets with the care they need for continued good health and comfortable mobility as they age. Book An Appointment Geriatric Care for Senior Dogs & Cats Senior pets benefit from routine preventive care and early d...
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New Patients Welcome

Northwest Veterinary Clinic of Mount Vernon is accepting new patients! Our vets are passionate about the health of Mount Vernon cats, dogs, and horses. Get in touch today to book your animal's first appointment.

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