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Regenerative Therapy (Pro-Stride)

Our Mount Vernon vets are proud to offer Pro-Stride as a steroid-free, effective, and safe alternative to traditional joint injections and other regenerative therapies.

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What is Pro-Stride?

Pro-stride is a joint injection, made from your horse’s blood. It provides anti-inflammatory effects and pain control.

Lameness is often improved for a year after a single Pro-Stride injection, but the effect may be shorter or longer depending on the severity of the horse’s joint disease.

Our Mount Vernon vets offer Pro-Stride because it is a highly effective, safe, and cost-saving alternative to traditional joint injections and other therapies. 

Equine Regenerative Therapy, Mount Vernon Vets

How does Pro-Stride work?

Pro-Stride concentrates the blood’s natural anti-inflammatory proteins.

When this highly concentrated solution is injected into a joint, it binds and stops the inflammatory proteins that are causing pain and cartilage destruction.

Pro-Stride is very safe when administered into a joint and can be done right at your farm in under 30 minutes.

Unlike steroid injection, there are no known long-term risks of Pro-Stride injections. It is also safe to use in joints that have previously been injected with steroids.

Is my horse eligible for Pro-Stride?

Pro-Stride is a great option for:

  • Young performance horses with inflamed or sore joints. Pro-Stride will help protect the joints from future arthritis without the use of steroids
  • Older horses may be at high risk due to metabolic diseases such as Cushing’s or Equine Metabolic Syndrome. Pro-Stride is made from the horse’s blood so there are no systemic effects, as can be seen with steroids.
  • Actively competing horses as there is no withdrawal time for USEF and FEI competition.

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