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Equine Health Certificates

Whether you are selling and shipping or traveling to a show, our Mount Vernon vets can make sure you have the health certificates needed to transport your horse without delay.

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Why are health certificates important?

Export documents are required for any horse crossing an international border, and for any horse being exported to another state or country.

Certificate of Veterinarian Inspections is required to help reduce disease spread from one area and from one horse to another. An inspection for illness by your veterinarian may identify obvious or even subtle signs of disease that may not have otherwise been known. 

Requirements for health certificates depend on the state, and our Mount Vernon veterinary practice regularly reviews shipping requirements for all species. Interstate health certificates, international health certificates, passports, and brand inspections are available.

Health Certificates, Mount Vernon Vets

How do I acquire a health certificate for my horse?

To get a health certificate from Northwest Veterinary Clinic of Mount Vernon, you’ll need a current, negative Coggins test and a brand inspection. We can do this for you at your horse's appointment or we can accept a Coggins from your previous vet.

Our vets are certified brand inspectors. We can do one-way, annual, or lifetime brands. You must have proof of ownership at the time of the appointment for any brand inspections.

Valid proof of ownership includes a bill of sale or registration with both the owner’s and the horse’s name on it.

The port of crossing is required information for international health certificates.

How long are health certificates valid for?

Unlike your horse's Coggins test, which only typically has to be done within 12 months of travel (for international it's within six months), your horse's health certificates are only usually valid for 30 days.

This is why, when you are planning to travel with or ship your horse, organization and preparation are very important. 

Contact our vets to discuss your travel plans and talk about when you need to secure your horse's travel documentation. 

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