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Dr. Viveka Rannala

Dr. Viveka Rannala is a veterinarian in Mount Vernon with a keen interest in equine medicine including wellness, reproduction, and lameness.

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Dr. Viveka Rannala, Mount Vernon Veterinarian

Dr. Rannala

Viveka was raised in the countryside of Ontario, Canada where she decided to become a veterinarian at the age of four. Riding was a big part of her childhood, and she continued to explore her passion for horses by working on a Thoroughbred breeding farm throughout high school.

Viveka obtained her Bachelor of Science from the University of Guelph before being accepted into the Ontario Veterinary College, one of the oldest veterinary schools in North America. After graduation, she completed a one-year equine internship at Peninsula Equine Medical Center in Menlo Park, California. Her career interests include wellness, reproduction, and lameness.

During her spare time, Viveka enjoys horseback riding, traveling, hiking, ice hockey, and spending time with her dog, Lyra.

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